Priority Concussion

We help protect vulnerable brains
with evidence-based concussion management

Priority Concussion

We help protect vulnerable brains
with evidence-based concussion management

Physiotherapy based treatment backed by recent evidence to get you on track after sustaining a concussion.

Priority Concussion Management

Early intervention telehealth consultation with a concussion clinician. Our service is available for ANYONE who has sustained a concussion or suspected concussion,
and needs a diagnosis, advice, education, treatment options, referral or ongoing management.

Providing concussion management to protect vulnerable brains.

Complete Concussion Management solution

BodyOptic’s Complete Concussion Management solution allows us to get ahead of unknown concussion issues, and better treat the concussions we do find. Using pre-season baseline testing to ascertain the normal (baseline) cognitive functions of players, we test post-head knock cognitive function against the “normal” figures found during the baseline test.¬†

Body Optics

Concussion Support Network

Concussions are unlike other injuries because they are often invisible to those around you. They are not visible on imaging and are hard to assess the extent of the injury, nor how long a full recovery will take. As such, each patient should be treated as a unique case with different needs that are varied and constantly changing. These unique circumstances make the recovery process difficult for both patients and their loved ones and can make patients feel like they are reluctant to ask for help.

Everyone should have access to cutting-edge, personalised physical therapy.


We care about your story and where you want to go. Individualised programs, with tailored objectives and schedules for every client.


We're a team of highly credentialed physiotherapists. With backgrounds in neuroscience, sports field medicine and exercise science.


Whatever your physical need - be it injury, postnatal care, or participation in a high-risk sport, BodyOptic's services span multiple areas to provide the best in physical therapy.


We follow the science, and deliver our services according to best-practise in physical therapy, concussion management and exercise rehabilitation.


I can't recommend Kristy highly enough. Her hands on treatment, the exercise programme and general advice she provided was exceptional. She got me back to walking again after a very painful and lengthy hip bursa problem. Kristy is very professional and knowledgeable.
Ada V
Highly recommend. Kristy has helped me deal with persistent back pain, through her practice as well as listening and responding to my needs and working on an exercise program to make my body stronger and more resilient.
Michelle C
Kristy has helped me back to health after surgery and injury over the last 2 years. She is always caring and focused on returning you to our pre-injury capably as soon as possible. Her use of home exercise Apps to help with the rehab process is great, in case you forget what she told you or you misunderstood.
John H
I have attended the practice for a number of years and have always found Kristy to be very knowledgeable, professional and successful in treating me at all times. I can highly recommend her and her team for the fantastic treatment that they provide. It is very nice to enter the practice where everyone is happy and friendly and they take the time to establish the right treatment for my problems.
Ron S
I can't recommend this practice highly enough. A warm and friendly atmosphere where the team can not do enough for you. This place is the first I have been to where the don't offer the generic pain management service. They individually tailored the treatment to me mixed it up with clinical pilates and then referred me to an exceptional Physical therapist. This team have gotten me back on my feet and pain free for the first time in over 3 years.
Lauren S
Awesome place to take care of those aches and pains, niggles etc. Kristy knows how to get you on the mend fast!
Best Physio I have been to for addressing my back pain issues, whether its hands on Physio treatment or Clinical Pilates.
Ryan G
Friendly, extremely knowledgeable and caring phsyio. Has helped with injury and general wellbeing to build core strength with clinically supervised reformer pilates.
Andrew P
Friendly, professional and very knowledgeable. Pain in my hip, lower back and buttocks have released after putting up with it for years and I'm able to exercise properly again.
Helen A
Body Optics

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